Published on November 10, 2016 by Made Better Media


We turned the story of an elderly Polish couple who had a wild night out at Fabric nightclub into a music video. The couple from Warsaw partied into the early hours despite being in their 70s, capturing the attention of the national press. They danced, enjoyed tequila shots and drank tea.

The video for the Armada Music re-release of Spankox's To The Club recreates their antics using even older actors Shirley and Tony Jaffe, a real life couple in their 80s. It also features fire breathing, a real club crowd and a lot of dirty dancing.

Tony Jaffe, 83, says: “Looking at the gorgeous bottom of an almost naked fire eater nearly gave me a heart attack. I’ve been dreaming about her at night!

“Parts of my body I had forgotten about seemed to come alive again and I was doing things I thought I could never do again.”

Shirley Jaffe, 81, who appeared in the Stanley Kubrick film A Clockwork Orange, says: “My husband hasn’t been up for it for so long. I had no idea he could still do it.

“My, what a galaxy of delightful young men!"