Published on May 16, 2016 by Made Better Media

Turn Around: Hey, What’s Wrong With You?

An international success that put Brighton-based producers Phats and Small on the map, Turn Around was a huge hit in 1999. Shot entirely in and around the streets of Brighton and Hove, the music video was no less iconic.

While remakes of feature films are fairly common, to our knowledge our Turn Around (What’s Wrong With You) music video remake is the first of its kind.

The original video saw Jason Hayward (aka Phats) collect a freshly-pressed record to deliver to singer Ben Ofoedu at a vinyl store where it causes a disco-themed stir.

A remake is always a tricky thing to accomplish. We were tasked with creating an exciting new energy for 2016 while staying true to the original narrative and structure (and also staying true to copyright laws). The video features updated cameos from Prok and Fitch, Rhythm Masters, Gresham Blake and Ashley Slater of Freak Power. We enlisted a host of Brighton dancers and excellent choreography from Abi Croft and Anneli Smith.

We couldn't have made the video without the collaboration of some amazing local businesses...

Rarekind Records were kind enough to lend us their shop while we filmed for two whole nights.

Gresham Blake specially made the most fantastic jacket the world has ever seen.  

3.45 RPM lathe cutting allowed us into their studio to capture their unique record cutting service.

The Prince Albert let us use their iconic mural as a backdrop.

Many, many thanks to you all!


Photography by Jessi Steadman and Joseph Large. Turn Around  (Hey, What’s Wrong With You) was released on Armada Records on May 6.