Published on May 07, 2017 by Made Better Media


Genre: Live action

Status: Locked


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Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them.

Others throw in the towel and become a seagull.

Lonely forty-something Peter lives in a seaside party town, works in a menial job, and is totally disconnected from the fashion, hedonism and seedy glamour that surround him. Living with his overbearing mother, the closest thing he has to a friend is his neighbour, Karen.

The only time he feels peace and fulfilment is when he’s feeding the local seagulls. For him, they represent freedom, fraternity and self-reliance.

When a chance meeting with Karen’s boyfriend leaves him bruised, shaken and unemployed, Peter withdraws into his own world, crafting an elaborate costume and remaking himself in the image of the brash, cocky birds that he admires.

Taking flight from everything that is ordinary and secure, Peter sees life on the messy streets from a scavenger’s perspective. Leaving the urban environment behind, he sets out for a new life on the white cliffs. Will he find what he’s looking for?  

This unusual tale will look and feel like the love child of Shane Meadows and Roger Deakins. The film will be shot on location around Brighton, making use of Made Better Media’s extensive network of local contacts. The seagull costume will be made by Sussex puppet theatre company Sabotage.  

The only reason not to commission Seagull Man is that after seeing it you may give up everything, run away and become a seagull! 


Jonny Parlett is a professionally trained actor with experience in both stage and film.

Theatrical roles include Major Courtney (The Ladykillers, 2017), Dennis (Loot, 2016), Hamlet (Hamlet, 2015) and Hedwig (Hedwig And The Angry Inch, 2014).

In short film he has had leads in Enemies (Captain Robert Barrow, OGK Studios, 2017) and Julian (The Coolest Tattoo On Earth, Made Better Media, 2017).

As his CV shows Jonny is a multifaceted performer as at home in drama as in comedy and musical.

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