Published on May 04, 2017 by Made Better Media

Mixtape Hero


Genre: Comedy

‘Mixtape Heroes’ is a simple film of instruction for ladies, Ladies need to understand the; pains, tragedies, joys and the hours spent in making a mix tape by a guy when he's in love.
The pain of the tape running out mid track, the weight of complexity judging the juxtaposition of one track and another, the depths of meaning in each song, and when the mix tape is done, the track list written, the cover made and it has been handed over, nervously to the girl… It is tossed into a hand bag and left there for several weeks until, perhaps the first track is listened to whilst she chats on the phone. This is a public information film for the Ladies - When you get a mix tape from a guy it's massive - it’s a token that he wants to get serious. This film is an ode to the pain of the Mixtape Hero.