Published on March 05, 2017 by Made Better Media

Apricot Bill


Genre: Utter Random

A family of four are embarking on a day trip, a normal domestic scene can be observed as they ramble off down a road and onto a motorway. Motoring along, Dad’s head drifts away into an imaginary, mildly hallucinatory world where children are not squabbling on the back seat and something magical can occur on a perfectly ordinary, English afternoon, as they rattle off down the road. Apricot Bill is coming! - Look! There’s Apricot Bill!
A shadowy, somehow friendly character is standing on the bridge, on every bridge, a vision of Apricot Bill. Who is he and what does he do all day? There is a buzz in the car as fiction is given life. This short celebrates and reflects on simple family moments. It also explores the idea of how we, as children, totally believe in adults, trust in adults and the imaginary characters they create.