Published on July 19, 2016 by Made Better Media


We've helped an established family attraction boost ticket sales by nearly 90%!

Tulleys Farm, West Sussex, run various fantastic family events throughout the year including Shocktober Fest, which has won the title of the UK’s No.1 Halloween Attraction every year since 2008.

Over the last year we’ve produced more than one hundred fun, high-energy videos for the Shocktoberfest social media campaign across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

In 2015 the organisers promoted Shocktoberfest with an online-led campaign relying on Facebook video content, instead of the traditional print campaign they'd used before.

The result? Their opening night pre-sales almost doubled on the year before (nearly 800 in 2014 compared to nearly 1500 in 2015).

Some of the most popular videos we’ve produced for Tulleys - and also the most fun to shoot - are the walk-throughs we’ve done with Tulleys customers.

Central to the Shocktoberfest experience are the horrifying attractions… claustrophobic mazes where trained actors in petrifying costumes leap out from behind every corner!

While these attractions make for a heart-racing experience it can be a challenge to convey the excitement and sheer terror in a 30-second video. However, we've made it one of our specialities!