Published on September 15, 2015 by Made Better Media

Our Intern’s Guide to Lighting

Lights are important because without them things are difficult to see
— Rupert Brown, Made Better Media

My name’s Kit and I am an intern at Made Better Media.

Yesterday we had our first hands-on look at some equipment, starting with lights. For filming, lights are crucial because they make dark places lighter: rooms, beaches, bathhouses, anywhere really.

Our focus was on framing shots to incorporate artificial lighting and as you will see below not all of these went to plan. In order to experiment, yours truly was asked to direct a short sequence with our mentor for the day, producer Rupert Brown (see above), who volunteered to be our actor whilst fellow interns James and Saba were on camera duties. This allowed me to not only explore the inner workings of an actor’s psyche, but also learn how not to light a shot and the importance of taking your time before rushing in to press record. Here are a selection of the shots we took that day, demonstrating the various lessons we learnt.

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