Published on January 20, 2016 by Made Better Media

Great actors make an attraction come alive

Sometimes it takes smoke (machines) and (make-up) mirrors to show punters how great an attraction is going to be... before that attraction exists.

We filmed a series of trailers for the Halloween attraction Screamland ahead of the debut season, starting in October 2015. Our brief was to give a taste of the characters and atmosphere of Screamland before construction had begun on the haunts themselves.

We travelled up to Scare Kingdom in Blackburn, Lancashire to make use of the fantastic sets at the award-winning scare attraction Manormortis.

We had the pleasure of working with presenter and actor Jason Karl, who has produced and directed over 100 scare attractions and productions for clients including Walt Disney Pictures, Merlin Entertainments and Universal Pictures.

With Jason and his team of actors were great, with an incredible make-up department and and some really impressive performances.